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New Beginnings
by Mozo Zierski (hobbit_eyes)
at October 23rd, 2008 (10:32 pm)

Title: New Beginnings, Chapter 1
Author: hobbit_eyes
Characters/Pairing: Mohinder, Sylar, Adam, Lizard!Mohinder
Rating: PG
Disclaimer: Strangely enough, I'm not Kring in disguise.
Comments: When certain plot twists are not to your liking, denial is a wonderful thing. Crack is even better. Picks up somewhere in the middle of 4x06, and... I'm not going to tell you anything else.

Mohinder always liked to keep himself busy. When he had first gotten to America, he bustled about continuing his Father’s Research, and then finding Sylar. Once that was done, he’d spent some time mucking around with the Company and that deadly virus. But now all those problems seemed to be sorted – he’d even found time to discover a formula which could give powers to anyone, and gained them for himself – but now his daily routine seemed somewhat lacking in structure.

So pottering about kidnapping his neighbours and cocooning them to the wall with the goo from his fingertips seemed as good a way to pass his days as any.

Nathan and Tracy weren’t quite as understanding about it as he’d have liked, though. They kept complaining about how he was keeping them ‘captive’ and ‘against their will’ and how he was ‘a monster’. This last part he particularly resented, and kept trying to insist that no, he wasn’t a monster, he was a visionary, and besides, his eyebrows were perfectly normal – but this didn’t seem to help. So just got back to goopifying them and wondered what kind of pizza he’d order that night. He wasn’t even sure if there were any companies left not missing at least two deliverymen to him.

However, he got an entirely different visitor that evening than he expected.

The doorbell rang just as the 45 minute window was about to expire, and Mohinder was rather smug he wouldn’t have to pay for his pizza, and he scuttled (something happening disturbingly often nowadays) to answer it.

At the door was Sylar.

“Sylar!” he said in shock, horror and mild surprise.

“Hey, Mohinder,” said Sylar pleasantly, “And how are you?”

Mohinder didn’t like the way he asked, or the way his eyes flicked to his (ingenious) black tarpaulin covering the doorway to the Lair. “You monster!” he said, “What do you want?”

“Umm,” said Sylar, mouth twitching as he tried not to laugh, “I was looking for Nathan, actually. Is he around?”

“Why?” snapped Mohinder, “Do you want to eat his brain, too?”

Sylar looked quizzically at him. “Honestly, where did that rumour come from? Excuse me, I need to look around a bit. Whoa, what’s with all the milk?” he asked as he pushed his away into the loft.

Mohinder dithered after him as Sylar wandered through the tables, picking up milk cartons and looking in drawers. “Sylar, you can’t just come in here and -”

“At least I had the courtesy to knock, you hardly observed such pleasantries when you broke into my place, did you?” said Sylar, picking up a folder of his research and leafing through it.

“You were a monster! With all that creepy writing on the walls, ‘Forgive me’ and all that…”

“The what?” said Sylar, looking baffled, but then his face cleared. “Oh, that! That was from the guy who had the apartment before me. Strange guy. I got the cleaners in shortly after you were there to clear it all up…”

As Mohinder’s head span, Sylar threw the folder aside and turned to the Black Tarp Lair. “So Nathan’ll be in there, then?”

“Wait -” protested Mohinder as Sylar headed towards it, “you can’t -”

“Oh come on, it can’t be worse than that weird map with all the names on it -” Shrugging off Mohinder’s hand, he tore the tarp aside.

And stared.

“You don’t understand,” said Mohinder quickly, “It’s – I discovered this formula from Maya, and -”

“Oh Mohinder,” said Sylar, “Oh, Mohinder.”

“It’s not what it looks like, you see -”

He trailed off as Sylar burst out laughing, huge laughs shaking his entire frame and making him bend at the waist, laughing like he probably hadn’t since he was a child, if then.

“You’re -” gasped Sylar, struggling for breath between laughs, “you’re – you’re EVIL GOOP MAN!”

Mohinder’s brain went temporarily blank, and he heard his mouth retorting with the incredibly intelligent comeback, “Am not!”

“But you are! You’re like some crazy Spiderman/The Fly hybrid! With the – oh man, have you cocooned Maya?” Tears were running down his face now. “Oh, MOHINDER!”

Stop saying that!” cried Mohinder, all but stamping his feet, as Sylar, still chuckling, went forward to release Nathan and Tracy, “You don’t understand! It’s this urge that I can’t control! It’s like this – this -”

“Hunger?” said Sylar, as he used TK to sever their restraints and all the goo entrapping all the people around the room.

“Yes! Exactly!”

“Heard that before,” said Sylar, helping several very confused pizza delivery guys to their feet, “Didn’t buy it then, either. But hey, now I got a cushy job and all the brains I can – well, not eat, but you know what I mean…”

Mohinder’s ex-cocoon people were starting to make for the door. “Wait – you can’t -”

“Mohinder,” said Sylar, laying a hand on his shoulder, “Mohinder Mohinder Mohinder. Acceptance is the first step. You clearly need some time to get there. Give me a call at the Company when you’re ready, OK? And no more cocooning people,” he added, waving a scolding finger in his face, “I’ll be watching.”

“You don’t understand!” Mohinder yelled after them as they walked out one by one, “I have A HUNGER!”

“Bitch, bitch, bitch,” said Sylar, slamming the door behind him.

Mohinder was suddenly alone in his large, empty loft, breathing hard and wondering what the hell had just happened. Had he gone properly insane? To the extent that someone like Sylar appeared normal? Was he completely losing his marbles?

“Well,” said an English accent from the corner of the loft, “That went well.”

Mohinder span around on the spot, trying to work out where the voice had come from. “Who’s there?” he demanded.

“I mean, having a lair was good, choosing people who wouldn’t be missed – but Nathan was a mistake, I mean, you were lucky to get Sylar, you could have had Fallout Boy stomping in here in a tizzy, then you’d have had a real problem -”

“Who is that?” Mohinder demanded of the empty air.

There was a pause. “I’m your conscience, Mohinder,” the voice said softly.

Mohinder’s mouth fell open. “Oh my god…”

“Oh come on man,” said the voice, sharp with disdain, “No, my name is actually Adam Monroe. I’m currently residing in your lizard.”

Mohinder looked at the lizard Mohinder, and found it looking at him with a sardonic expression he had never seen before on its face. “I must admit,” he said slowly, “I find the idea you’re my conscience a bit easier to believe.”

“Can’t I be both?” said the lizard in what he thought was a deliberately enigmatic voice.

“What are you doing in my lizard?”

“It’s a long story,” said the lizard wearily. “Basically, got buried alive, got dug up, got kidnapped in a van and turned to dust. Seems Pinehearst like recycling though, because my dust somehow ended up in your lizard’s bedding, and it ate some, and… here I am.”

“I’ve gone crazy,” muttered Mohinder.

“No doubt,” shrugged the lizard, “But come on. Are you going to get me an appletini or what?”

“I… don’t have any appletinis here.”

The lizard rolled its eyes. “Get me out of here. We’re going to a bar. I’ve got a proposition for you.”


Thanks ibroketuesday for beta-ing!


Posted by: shimmeree (shimmeree)
Posted at: October 24th, 2008 12:42 am (UTC)

lol...what are you doing in my lizard? Classic.

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