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For all your crack!heroes needs

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This is a community for all your NBC Heroes crack!endeavors. Highly improbable pairings, the lives of inanimate objects, pairing satire, odd characterizations, those random thoughts that pop into your head during episodes, amusing fandom over-exaggerations, and heroes-inspired crack!conversations all belong here. Bring your fic, your graphics, your mindless squee-ing and sleep-deprived insanity to share with the rest of us hopelessly mad folk(but only as long as it involves Heroes).

Please keep in mind that everyone is entitled to their own opinions and their own crack!needs. If you don't like a pairing or can't stand someone bashing on your favorite pairing, or have another issue with a post for religious/moral reasons, then please simply do not read it- they should all be under clearly marked cuts to facilitate this.

We don't care whether your posts are the work of ten minutes or hours, as long as it qualifies as crack to your mind and you think it may make someone laugh that's all that matters. We do however, prefer that you attempt to retain the correct spellings of words in all posts, unless the misspelling literally adds to the crack (see the first AIM conversation post), and refrain from over-using the caps lock key.

We also ask that you put all posts under a clearly marked cut (or fake cut, as you will), simply to avoid offending/spoiling people as much as possible.

If you have a problem with another member in specific relation to the community, or you simply have a suggestion to share, please contact runningondreams at runningondreams@gmail.com .

Go forth, immerse yourself in the insanity, and enjoy ^______^